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  • Who do I call if I have a problem with my service?
    Your energy will still be delivered by your original provider. If you experience an outage or an emergency, contact your local utility.
  • Will I receive multiple bills?
    You will only receive one bill from your local energy provider.
  • Is there any cost to enroll?
    There is absolutely no financial cost to enroll.
  • Is this a scam?
    No. This is not a scam. Since the deregulation of energy 18 years ago, many people have decided to shop the market. There is no charge for you to switch suppliers. Onix Energy has over 20 suppliers you can choose from.
  • How does it work?
    Onix Energy's first goal is to consolidate and centralize the procurement process for the supply of electricity and natural gas. - Onix will align contract end dates. - Onix will match the organizational electricity and gas load to products for the company to evaluate. - Onix will leverage organizational load with their global relationships with suppliers to provide a 'best possible' product and rate. - Onix will send over a report with findings and a minimum of 3 product/supplier suggestions, based off the above. - If desired, once Onix has generated savings from the procurement phase, we will request a small percentage to reinvest in efficiency on your behalf with an eye to reduce organizational consumption. - If desired again and once Onix has generated savings from the energy efficiency phase, we will request a small percentage to reinvest in on-site generation (renewable or CHP) on behalf of the company with an eye to reduce dependency on the grid and volatile market around the world. Any supplier or hardware supplier we recommend will pay us a consulting fee strictly based off billed consumption - Onix acts as your energy purchasing department without any of the costs. They pay us the same fee regardless of supplier, much like an insurance or mortgage broker which allows us to be biased in your favor and not any one supplier.
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